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How to save as DXF


I have just finished a CAD model/part  and I need to send it to the manufacturers/prototype company, they are asking for a vector format, DXF. How do I save my design as a DXF as I can't seem to find it on the save selection. Or what other format available from solid edge will work instead of dxf?


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Make a new draft file and import your model at 1:1 scale on the view you want then save the file as a dxf.


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They're not asking for a 3D wireframe dxf are they?  



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Good question Kyle. I was thinking the same since Ravi's post mentions DXF from a CAD model/part



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Thanks guys,

Just uploaded them on the draft and saved them as dxf.


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SE should really let you create a DXF from the 3D model without having to go into draft mode.  SW will let you do this easily and then you just specifiy which views you want it show in the DXF.  Then you specifify if you want them as seperate files or separate tabs.

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Re: How to save as DXF

The ability to generate DXF of the individual parts of an assembly would be awesome. Our valves are mostly plate fabricated with anywhere from 6 to 50 individual parts that must be individually turned into DXF files for the nesting program. It can be a chore to say the least and always a fear that we missed something.

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I have th same problem, only that when I try to save the file in the draft area as DXF. it says that there is a file translator Error. what do ido??

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I have a macro that will create my .psm DXF file with just a push of a button, no draft necessary.


One of the guru's on here had a macro to give total cut length of a .psm file, and part of that macro can create the DXF at the same time, putting it in the same folder as the source .psm.


Here's the discussion that brought about the macro solution:


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Solid Edge can save dxf from 3D model, but you have to be in sheetmetal environment and use Save as Flat pattern command. Maybe this is not an elegant solution but works! Smiley Wink


Here is a short video: