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How to set up JRENDER_TEMP

My primary drive is full and I read the below, but have no idea how to do this, has any one done this?
Temp File Space
Solid Edge uses temp file space for saving files and for storing memory mapped
display files. Using temp file space when saving files helps significantly reduce the
size of the resulting file on the destination file system.
Users should ensure they have twice the size of the
largest file being saved available as free temp file space prior to saving their files. Note, 2x the file size for an assembly should include the size of the assembly, plus the size of the subassemblies that are being used, plus the size of the part files.Running SE will create files with .000, .001, etc. extensions. These are memory
mapped files that are used in the display pathway.When an assembly or part file isopened, memory mapped files are created in the temp directory during display of the assembly/part. These files are cleaned up by Solid Edge when the process exits.If the user is running short on temp space, they can optionally set an environment variable called JRENDER_TEMP and point it to any folder with sufficient space. If this variable is defined, Solid Edge will create memory mapped files in that folder.Running SE will create a file named DCCACHE.CAC in the system temp folder. This file is a cache of the file icons displayed on the FILE OPEN/FILE SAVE/BROWSE dialogs. When a Solid Edge file is opened, but Solid Edge cannot gain exclusive write access to that file, a message box is displayed stating, "
The requested file is currently write locked, open as read-only". If the user selects thecopy button on this message dialog, the file will be copied to the temp folder using the naming convention tmp
{filename}.par, tmp{filename}.psm, tmp{filename}.asm, tmp{filename}.dft. It is good practice to periodically check the files in the temp folder when not running Solid Edge and delete any that might remain from an
abnormal termination of Solid Edge.
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Re: How to set up JRENDER_TEMP

Please excuse the primitive highlighting but the attached should help you in creating an environment variable anyway:


Bruce Shand
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Re: How to set up JRENDER_TEMP



Which version do you use? If Solid Edge ST8, then I've a bad news... It is not supported from ST8, last version was ST7...




Re: How to set up JRENDER_TEMP

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Thanks Bruce, I read this in the ST9 release notes, hopefully it works in ST8.


Re: How to set up JRENDER_TEMP

As @Imics said JRENDER_TEMP is no longer used with ST8 and later.  This will *not* work with ST8.

Re: How to set up JRENDER_TEMP

Well that was a complete waste of time, must be a mistake in the release notes for ST8 & ST9, thanks for putting me straight on this.



Re: How to set up JRENDER_TEMP

@RFP  Yea, they tend to copy those documents forward and they don't always remove the irrelevant stuff.  I noticed that they also included information on how to set the 3GB memory allocation "switch" for 32 bit Windows... Except starting with ST7, Solid Edge that will install on 32 bit Windows!


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