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Re: How to split quantities in part list in 3D assembly (using auto part list)


You can have 2 part files with the same name located in different directories (very bad idea though)

BUT, if the assembly is in the same directory as one of the parts then that is the part that will always be used - the other will be ignored.

That's the way SE works.

To use the 2 part files in your assembly, they must both be in a different folder to the assembly.


I would strongly recommend that you use 2 different part files, with different names - it just isn't worth the risk (certainty ?) of problems and confusion later.

You can see already how even expert users on here can be confused by what you are trying to do (no offence intended)

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Re: How to split quantities in part list in 3D assembly (using auto part list)

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I completely agree with making two different parts. In reality they are two different parts since they are of different materials. What is the downside to making them separate parts?

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Re: How to split quantities in part list in 3D assembly (using auto part list)

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Hello NS2,
Who in the company structure wants to do two different parts under the same(and insane) ID system?
Is it company owner, engineering manager, account manager, or !!!! production manager, !!! Inventory Manager, !!! Raw Material Purchaser and !!!!!! Machinist who has to know what material to use, in quantities, when etc.
Oh my god.
Check with them!
Time of the so many great and smart people wasted here.

And WHAT ABOUT PART COPY OF 1st full features part into the 2nd which has the same geometry and updates immediately to the features of the first 'master' part.
It takes 20 seconds and all smart managers above will be happy except the Special Person Behind This Idea.

How do you identify these parts on the inventory shelf and how do you install these 2 different parts, possibly looking exactly same, on the assembly line to machine the right way?
3D CAD has to mirror the real life situation etc.
Bit harsh but it needs to be said and done!

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