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How to start a line along already drawn line?

I would like to know how to start a perpendicular line "n" dimension from an end point of an already exisitng line on that existing line?

In AutoCad 2000 I would select the "line" tool and then hover the cursor over an end point on a line and then move the cursor along the line for a short distance, then type in a distance and the line would then begin at that distance point "attached" to the already existing line.

Seems the only way I know how to do this now in Free2D is to draw a line on top of the existing line of a length equivalent to the distance I want to begin the line from that point and then draw a second line from that new point. Then go back and "trim" that first line out of the drawing.

Re: How to start a line along already drawn line?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
First of all make sure you have Maintain Relationships and Relationship Handles enabled. If you worked through the tutorials you should know where these are. Are the lines horizontal or vertical or at some arbitrary angle? I will assume they are horizontal or vertical. I also assume you are overlaying the line you want to create on top of the existing line giving colinear and overlapping lines.

Simply start drawing the second line on top of the first by clicking somewhere on the first line. You will see a connect relationship that ties the second to the first. At this point it is not important where this point is. Drag your cursor and click to place the second point. Place a dimension between the endpoint of the first line and the begin point of the second. Edit the dimension value to drive the distance between the lines.

Rick B.