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How to stop dimensions being so intrusive?


As you can see I have Protrusion 2 selected which represents two small LEDs. Each dimension within its sketch seems to be about 20 times the size of the actual feature, obscuring my vision of the part and meaning I have to right click and select other every time I want to select a face.


It seems to me that it isn't registering the size of the feature, only some overall base preset for the dimensions. If I were to add a 100x100mm solid next to this one, I doubt I would have any issues with intrusive dimensions. Is there a way to get them to scale based on the sizes I'm working with or how zoomed in I am? This is really causing me some hassle. Thanks.

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‎03-02-2016 10:23 AM

Re: How to stop dimensions being so intrusive?

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Try doing the following:


During skeching you have to click on: PMI as pixel size.

And you could resize your dimensions with the small A unter the: PMI as pixel size





Re: How to stop dimensions being so intrusive?

Perfect, thanks for the help