How to trim a frame


Last time I was preaparing steel frame and I met with following problem. Below I present files where one of them is sketching and second is frame build HEB 1000 but I have a problem how to trim one HEB with other. if someone would show me step by step how to do this?

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I managed to reproduce your issue, with no clear setting to automatically handle this....I just applied two cut-outs the angled approaching frame members top & bottom flanges. I did it in two steps so as not to cut away the coping with a "through-all" cut extent.

I can make a screen recording of this, if you need it.

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Re: How to trim a frame

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EDITED:  I noticed afterwards you had a space between the two paths of the coped frames.  When I spaced them out as you had, the last frame ceased to cope to the other one...  Looks like a IR that needs to be logged.


Place each part as a sepaprate Frame feature.  On the 2nd and 3rd feature make sure to turn on "Coping for non-mitred joints".

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Re: How to trim a frame

Thanks for all answers but the problem is that space between HEB1000 must be Smiley Happy why I put sketch with dimensions Robot Happy


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Yea, must be... but I didn't use the sketch.  I'm bad at following directions Smiley Very Happy

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Production: ST9 MP6
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Re: How to trim a frame

I believe this work as design.


The line need to intersect for the frame to understand how to cut.


I can provide a request number so you can attach your name to it.




For now extend the lines until they intersect


Apply assembly cut

Re: How to trim a frame

Is this what you are looking for?

(view in My Videos)



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