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How to use ST9 Fast Search on NAS/SAN?

Greetings all,

  After some searching both in the SE User Community and Google, I have learned that as of May last year ST9's feature of Fast Search is useless if your files are all stored on network drives that are SAN / NAS.  I ref an old post for that:


Is there any new info on utilizing this feature?  I understand this is due to not being able to run windows index on the SAN / NAS?


Our end goal is to speed up the Where Used search.


Thank you.

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‎02-03-2017 07:43 AM

Re: How to use ST9 Fast Search on NAS/SAN?

The information from last May is still correct.  Fast Search is based on the Windows indexing functionality.  Therefore, in order to use Fast Search with networked drives those drives must be indexable by Windows.  At this time Windows does not support indexing NAS/SAN drives.

Re: How to use ST9 Fast Search on NAS/SAN?

Thank you for spelling it out for me sir.  We were hoping that the solution was "out there" and we just weren't finding it.


I didn't realize that there are so few SE users that use non-windows file serves.

Re: How to use ST9 Fast Search on NAS/SAN?

TBH, I have experimented with this as there are hacks and tweaks out there to add network drives to your system such that they appear as local drives. Unfortunately either the Windows indexer and/or Solid Edge is too smart for these hacks and still sees these hacked "local" drives as network locations.

Re: How to use ST9 Fast Search on NAS/SAN?

Wow, that didn't help my viewpoint ;-)  I was hoping that it was simply an oversight to leave these customers out, or perhaps windows would be getting around to implementing indexing NAS/SAN eventually.  You almost made it sound like it's intentional on MS's part to not offer an index solution for these storage devices.


Again, appreciate the info, or we would be wasting time searching for the same hacks you speak of.

Re: How to use ST9 Fast Search on NAS/SAN?

As I am not a Microsoft employee I really do not know what their intent is.  However I can state the given fact that prior to Windows 7, the Microsoft indexer would allow you to index networked drives.  Microsoft then removed that functionality with Windows 7 but later provided a patch to allow you to index networked drives on Windows 7.  Unfortunately that patch is 32-bit only (so won't help with Solid Edge) and is no longer available for download.  Microsoft has not offered anything similar since, including Windows 8.x and Windows 10.  However it would seem to be a "coincidence" that this change to remove indexing networked drives only impacts non-Windows based networked storage solutions.