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How to view Solid Edge Parts Library ?


Hello all!!

I was following the tutorials on assembly .. when after adding a part I pressed the "x" button on the parts library tab. I also clicked on the lower tabs' "x" buttons and now I cant relocate them to their original place.. how do i get the default parts/features library tabs back on the left side of the screen?


Re: How to view Solid Edge Parts Library ?

Sorry for the trouble. It was pretty simple.. Here's what I did:
1) Clicked on the layers tab.
2)clicked on the "eject" like button to the left of the "auto-hide" button .. It displays all the Edge Bar tools. I selected all.
3) Highlighted the Parts Library window by clicking on its name bar for a prolonged time.. and moved it a bit
4) I then let go of it after aligning the cursor ( in the clicked state) on a Blue Colored Arrow pointing to the edge bar.
voila! all the tabs are now replaced.