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Re: Human Model, 3D

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If you have a colleague with NX, Teamcenter Visualisation or Jack, you can create a Jack or Jill as seen below.


And for each product, additional posturing options & analyze capabilities.



Siemens EMEA GTAC Support

Re: Human Model, 3D


You can try this posture of 3D human body in different formats, may be it will help.


Also I heard that Daz3D has its studio available for free with a couple of models readly for posing, but I didn't check it myself.

Re: Human Model, 3D


Thank you @AlysiaKonig!

Re: Human Model, 3D

Gears Legend Gears Legend
Gears Legend

Hello @Florimond,


have found short after I post something about FBX import into TCVis your post and questions.

Think this can be also for you and other from interest. It opens a door to all mash files. The files only with colour are to use for Solid Edge and NX, the files with textures are to use for TCVis and KeyShot.

Later this day I will post also how to use this also for Solid Edge.

The Link here attached gives you already a short view how to import other mash files like the supported ones from Solid Edge or NX.  

Import-from-FBX-files-are-possible-into-TCVis (Solid Edge and NX)


Best Regards