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I Am New!!! Help!!


 I want to take the Solid edge Certification Test but i want to be prepared for it, Do you know kind of a good guide to be prepared for it??




Re: I Am New!!! Help!!

Hi Edromero88


If you want learn autodidact:


2. Find a Solid Edge reseller in your country and go to them a training.




Re: I Am New!!! Help!!

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Honored Contributor

To think about SE from ground 0, this would have helped me as I was getting started.


1D parts = gage table

2D part = frame sections (I call them shapes). (2d section extruded 1 unit)

3D part = part file

Sheet metal parts = F(1D)

Frame assemblies = F(Wireframe + 2D)


Draft files pages take information from the first inserted view


You can make an assembly from a single part


Assembly driven parts involves links directly between files


Work in Sync or Ordered as Primary method.....pick one


use revision manager/design manager as the main method of moving file to better preserve pointers.


If trying to copy a complex web of files......just copy using windows or use "pack and go"



When setting things up, decision 1 is:

What size text

what size paper

How many decimal places will the files use.


The big picture: Relations between parts in an assembly file is the center of it all. Sometime you will add a mate just to get a part into a position so that the final mates can be added. Then go back and remove the starting mate.


If you work in ordered, make sure to turn on relation colors so that when a sketch is 100% nailed down it turns black. In that way you can keep adding sketch relation until the sketch is "Black and white". Until then the sketch could change on you in ways you don't predict.


Play with background colors, it can really change the way you feel at the screen.

Re: I Am New!!! Help!!



I would have to disagree on a couple of things -

Always use Revision Manager/Design Manager to copy/move files - In my opinion it is the only way to maintain pointers during the process. The one exception is possibly draft files as they are at the top of the 'food chain'.

But then there can be links from one draft to another.


Never copy with windows - again, other than possibly draft files.

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Re: I Am New!!! Help!!

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

These issues are really not relevant to the certification test which, I believe, is mainly involved just with part modeling and some drafting.

Bruce Shand
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Re: I Am New!!! Help!!

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Honored Contributor

Some of my projects would take 30 min to copy with revision manager vs. windows. Sometimes I need a fast copy of an entire projects. My problem is that many sub parts of projects are the same files but with different plane locations within each file, each in it's own directory to avoid same name problems.


This will always be a problem until I get get part file names to auto update as a result of the assembly file names.


A CAD mess is not my managers concern. Gettin drawings to the floor for production is.