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I cannot expand or intalled the free 2d


After download, the only file visible is the attached file and did not
install. How can I install this file since there is no SELicence.dat file attached
to this download. How will I unzip the file. Thank you.


Re: I cannot expand or intalled the free 2d


When you register for the software, you will be taken to the download site. You download
the software from this site. The file that is downloaded to your local machine is
named "SE2DDraft.exe". This is a self extracting executable. If you did not get
this file, you can register again to get to the download site to download the file.
When you download the file, note the location where you download it to. When the
download has completed, just double click on the file. Follow the steps in the installation.
You will also be sent an email to the email address provided when you register.
Attached to this email is the license file and directions to install the license.
If you do not provide a valid email addess you will not be sent the email and cannot
run the software.