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I cannot group, why??

I just got started with SE Free2D, but for the life of me, cannot figure out how to group items. The help doesn't help at all. It says to select the items, then hit the Groups command. There is no group command! (there is a group pane, that does nothing...)

Example, I draw a rectangle, which SE draws as 4 separate lines. I want to group them. If I select them all, they show all selected, but there is no "groups" command to group them. There is a Groups pane, but all it shows is Sheet 1, and nothing else.

What am I doing wrong??

Re: I cannot group, why??

After you make your selection go to the block command & select the down arrow and scroll down & select the group option. Because you have preselected the objects you want to group just right/click & it's done. Look in the side-bar where you have the following selections, Library, Groups, layers & Queries, select the Group option and you should have an entry e.g.: Group 14102. Right/click on the group & select Options and from there you can change the name to something suitable you recognise.