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IE7 connection


I am a recycled production engineer. First experience with CAD was with "Pathtrace".
I am now relearning with the free SolidEdge. My problem is getting the Help/Technical
Support to load the On Line library etc.
I note that the NX3&4 have workarounds for IE7 problems.
Is there a link for the 2D V19 ?
Mike King (ex IProdE)

Re: IE7 connection

Solid Edge 2D Drafting is a free product and does not provide access to
phone support. Your mechanism for technical support is this newsgroup. We
have employees and other customers monitoring this newsgroup daily. If you
have any questions please post them to the newsgroup and someone will
provide answers for you.
There is Help built into the product. Click on Help and then Solid Edge 2D
Drafting Help.
Ricky Black
Solid Edge Product Manager - Draft / Data Migration
Siemens Automation and Drives
UGS PLM Software