ISSUE: Solid Edge Random Delete and Change Quotes

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I have Solid Edge ST9: I made a sketch with variables and quotes, but when I extrude it, Solid Edge deletes some variables of the sketch, changes the definition of others (like: quote from A to B becomes quote from A to C), and when I change the values of the variables, the Extruded Solid doesn't change.

This behaviour has no reason for me. Can you please help?

I add the file in this post, so you can download it and try yourself.

Thanks you all for the help


Giovanni, Unibo.


Betreff: ISSUE: Solid Edge Random Delete and Change Quotes

Hi Giovanni,

first of all, it would be helpful, if You can mention that this is an academic file, to prevent propblems with opening.


OK, now let's go to Your problems and questions.



There is a big influence how Solid Edge handles sketches and dimesnions from sketches depending wether Your are working sync or tradtional.


For a sync sketch there is one BIG rule: after using (consuming) it for a 3D feature (extrusion) the sketch itself will not have any influence to the part itself.

Some, many or maybe all dimeensions will or can be connected to the part geometry if possible but this is no MUST, it's only a COULD.


For a part model like Your example I would like to recomment a traditional way.

Here a sketch always will control the part geometry.


This is a big difference  from the philosophy/polocy point of view


Also I personaly  would model this part out of more then one single feature(sketch)

In my opinion/expirience more smaller steps will lead You faster and saver to the final model than one single superfeature with all dimensions, rules, variables, relations in it.


Start with a simple extrusion of a rectangle, continue with one "finger" whcih maybe can be patterned.


I remember an article and a philosophy called "Resilient Modelling" and thought there are web pages with SE examples too.

But my old saved link doesn't work anymore.


Maybe somebody else can help here.


And take a look into the examples and tutorials of SE




Betreff: ISSUE: Solid Edge Random Delete and Change Quotes

... sorry for another couple of words - and to say it right at the beginning:




I think, that I never, ever would like to use trigonometric functions in a variable table of a CAD system.

Consider, what trigonometry is.

It gives You the relations of geometry, mainly lines connected to each other under certain angles.


Nothing mor.

And You have them just in front of You.


A couple of years ago (12 years at least) I was asked wether or how it is possible to model the Platonic solids with only one single driving variable, the side length.

Is it possible?

First attempts also wanted to use trig functions, but after a view minutes You got 5 (ok, the first 3 are simple) full parametric Platonic Solids with only one single variable to modify.


And this I want to give You as advice for a more stable model!



Betreff: ISSUE: Solid Edge Random Delete and Change Quotes

Hi Giovanni, @Eventine



forgot to say, that You will not lose anything if You switch to tradtional modeling and then create Your extrusion, using the chain of Your sketch.



Betreff: ISSUE: Solid Edge Random Delete and Change Quotes

Thanks you very much. Really helpful and what i was looking for. 

Thanks you, and sorry for not saying it was accademic

Betreff: ISSUE: Solid Edge Random Delete and Change Quotes

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Welcome and no problem!


It took a couple of seconds to find out, why this part wasn't able to open