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When i create any assembly or any solid edge doc, the icon of it on my computer appears to be a black screen. I need to see the part or asssembly image as an icon.

Is there any settings for it?

Kindly help.



Ashish Sarode

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‎05-06-2016 07:55 AM

Re: Icon

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Hi Ashish:


From the Solid Edge Application menu, select Properties and from the Preview tab, create or save a preview. See if this helps.



Re: Icon

Hi @iashishsarode1,


I recall this was an issue early on, with Windows 10, which I assume you are seeing this on, ...and there was a maintenance pack, I don't rememember which one, that corrected it.


What SE version & MP are you using?....and which Windows version? 

Sean Cresswell
Design Manager Streetscape Limited
Solid Edge ST10 [MP0] Classic [x2 seats]
Windows 10

Re: Icon

My answer seems more like a workaround or quick fix.

Ashish you should really look into the suggestion by @SeanCresswell and get to the root-cause of the problem and check for the maintenance pack for a permanent solution.