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Image File Import for G code conversion

I'm new to 2D. My goals are to take an image to export file for conversion to G code. Then import to CNC software. My work is with wood an using 2D and CNC to control a router. I want to add Jpeg, bit map, or other image files to a drawing layer. I have been able to perform this to a point. When I export / save drawing to dxf what happens to the image?

When I run the dxf file through a G code converted what will the converter do with the image layer? Will the image be convert to G code? Or, do I have to the place the image on a layger and on another layer trace the image?


Re: Image File Import for G code conversion

An image is nothing more than a picture (photograph).
It has no valid size with respect to the real world.
Anything in the image needs to be redrawn as real geometry.
Rick B.