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Imformation On Drawings

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PLM World Member Valued Contributor

M Lombard,

Am I Not Eligible to Post Any More Drawings.

When I Started Three Years I Got A lot Of Information On Drawings With Question Answered.

Now The Answers Are Few And Far Between.


Also, Is There Anyone That I Can Mentor With?


Thank You



Re: Imformation On Drawings


When you say you are not "eligible", does that mean that the community site is telling you that you cannot post more images? I'll check into this. I've run across that problem myself, if that's what your problem is.


You're in kind of an interesting situation. As far as I can tell, you don't have any connection to practicing engineers or a company that pays you to use Solid Edge for design. I apologize if I'm reading this incorrectly. Mentoring usually comes through one of several avenues:

  1. Paid training
  2. formal education (at a school)
  3. from your peers at work
  4. informally through the web.

Because you don't seem to have access to the first three, it seems like you're limited to #4, which honestly, is still a good option. I would expect your "left handed thread" question to get a decent response. Answers to questions like that aren't always easy to post. It will take a few minutes out of someone's day to do it and record it and post it. A little patience will go a long way.


One thing I would recommend would be to see if you can get involved in some sort of vocational training that involves mechanical design, and Solid Edge in particular. There should be some programs in your area. Maybe check with the state employment office. That could turn up a good opportunity to get into a real training program for little or no money. If you are an Armed Forces veteran, the chances of getting help will be even higher. I'm not a vocational counselor, but if I were in your shoes, that would be what I would try to further your knowledge of the software and mechanical design.


Are you on ST7 academic, or have you upgraded to ST8 academic yet?

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