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Import Point Cloud

Hi All,


For some time, i have been struggling to deal with 3D Scan Data in Solid Edge.


I have found many options to convert the scan data to a STL file, and import the STL, but this process has been time consuming, and often overkill for what we wanted.


What i really wanted to acheive, was the visability of the scan, in a 3D environment, to allow us to design around known objects, or as reference data for us to model new data.


The easy option for us was to move to Inventor, as they have an inbuilt tool that allows scan data to be dropped into an assembly as a reference.


Having used SE since V5, i was not excited by this prospect, so engaged a software engineer to write an add-in to allow for similar functionality into Edge.


Attached is a sample movie of our V1.0 add-in.


I would welcome anyones feedback on its operation, and more particularly any interest level in the add-in.




(view in My Videos)

David Finlay

Betreff: Import Point Cloud


Hello David,


yes you are right bigger scan data is here a problem.


If I have bigger data files I export it to JT and measure in JT2Go.

In Solid Edge I have only the model in that I construct not the scan data (STL file).



Best Regards


Betreff: Import Point Cloud


If you have big Point Cloud data just try the tool Smap3D ScanToCAD - it is converting the Scan-Data to native Solid Edge features.



Betreff: Import Point Cloud


Hello @Maxim_Lich,


Okay, thank you for the information.

Let me say something to it:

  1. Show us please a 50 m pipe bridge with 30 pipes and steel structure with a detailing of 2 mm exact.
  2. Show us please the end hardware use of solid edge for the detailing (Workspace, GPU and CPU use).

If this than under 40 GB Workspace in use, it is possible to start detailing and adding additional equipment and piping.

If it needs more Workspace (near 60 GB), than you run fast out of your hardware.


best Regards