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We are currently working on a project that requires import from Tekla. They keep sending us 3D DWG's but as you all know these are completely useless within SE unless they contain some sort of 3D data, which the DWG's don't seem to have. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Shane Murray

Re: Import from Tekla

Hi Shane,


Have you tried using Rhino as your go between?

Not sure on the scope of what the data file contains, or what you require from it, but I'm totally happy to give it a try for get some usable geometry back into SE.

PM me if you want.

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Re: Import from Tekla

Not sure if this is a viable options, but their www site says they can export STEP files --  This table lists many CAD products and formats that are compatible. 




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Re: Import from Tekla

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shanefarra, could you give more details. If they send you 3D dwg you should be able to get data inside ( or i did not understand initial question)

1st make sure the SAT extraction option is check in the DWG import option ( lower left on the open window)

2nd make sure the geometry fall under the 1km limit. I maybe wrong but Tekla may not have assembly concept they place volume in space and often they geo-localize them based on a terrain survey.

If you have Autocad open the extract SAT file, and move everything. I saw case where in XY coordinate your are OK but in Z for some reason the plant is at 2KM

If you can share the 3D dwg file I ( or others) may be able to take a look