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Importing DWG files, with XYZ Zero far away


We are currently working on a project, that our customer supplies us 3D DWG files showing us the intendended design brief.


This issue we are having, is that the XYZ zero on the project is around 35 kilometers from where the development is happening.


Consequently we are having extreme difficulties on working on the files in Solid Edge.


However, we are able to open it in an old version of Solidworks we have here.


Surely there is a workaround in SE?



David Finlay

Re: Importing DXG files, with XYZ Zero far away

Hi David,

For me not clear 100% what is your problem, you can shot a picture from solid edge (want all part to xyz zero point)?
We also use imported model in Solid Edge from other 3d programs if part position not convenient select all part and use steering whel.


Re: Importing DXG files, with XYZ Zero far away

Hi Tibor,


Not easy to find an image from Solid Edge, as we are unable to open the file in solid edge.


Basically, the designers of the overall project are using a 'Global Zero' location, that is over 30 kilometers from the location of where the project is being built.


When we attempt to open the file in solid edge, it attempts to locate the global zero of the DWG file, with the XYZ zero location in SE.


As the "Universe" in solid edge is only about 5 kilometers (not sure exactly) then the Data is outside this space and therefore not visable.


Coincidently though, during the conversion process, SE creates a *.SAT file of the structure, but as this has a XYZ zero location 30 kilometres away, we cant open this either.


Was hoping that someone knew of a Setting:  "Move imported data to Reference Planes on translation" !!



David Finlay

Re: Importing DXG files, with XYZ Zero far away


Ok, I understund your problem. :-(
I also heard from this limit (5 km) in Solid Edge and I hope here someone will help for you.
Maybe Imcsi will read and solve also this problem.


Re: Importing DXG files, with XYZ Zero far away

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor


Hi @trangimagineering


We frequently model large models (process plants above and below ground) and over time developed rulesets which allow us to work within the natural limitations of Solid Edge.

These inherent (natural) limitations (as taken directly from our in-house training document) are as follows:




With above in mind I recommend you offset (move) your 3D DWG solid models (within AutoCAD) by some rational values such that these are with 500m from the zero origin. You can then use the `acisout` command and export a SAT model, which you can then import into Solid Edge (or your own export/import preference should you choose).


I would choose and declare a "truncated origin" and always use this (This will be your spatial offset). If a major gridline is chosen then it is possible to directly inquire the model and read Easting, Northing and Elevation values directly from the Solid Edge model.


After all Solid Edge is a MCAD package intended for stoves, cars, planes, etc. and we are effectively abusing Solid Edge for process plant design with great success.


Good luck, and drop me a PM should you require more info.

Re: Importing DXG files, with XYZ Zero far away

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

AutoCAD has fuctions to flatten and project linework to a plane. Use that before experting the data.