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Importing step file with multibody parts


Hi all,


In Solid edge ST7 i regularly import step files from different other companies, some of them are made in NX. The problem is that they have part files with sometimes up to 5000 body's. These parts are much much heavier than working with large assembly's and simplifying is a bit harder with these.


Is there a way to always import assemblies that have multibody parts into assembly's with sub assembly's?


I know you can import a step file that is a multibody part into an assembly, but if it is nested i notice it doesn't really work.


I've tried the step import ini's and changing that to

Import Multiple Bodies As Single Part file=Off

but that doesn't seem to work in this case.


Any idea to make this work with import ? If i try the publish multibody part solid edge takes hours and crashes or just doesn't stop.


Any other way to make these parts a bit less heavy on the system would be nice as well.