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Include Options Not working properly


Sometime I find that "maintain associativity when including geometry from other parts in the assembly" in the include options is inactive. I do not know the reason. Sometimes it got corrected if I delete the sketch in which it is not working but each and every time I am not able to correct it with this procedure.


So I have to constrain it manually each and every time which is not desired and unnecessary time taking.


Is there any kind of fix required?


Please check attached image to understand the problem. 


The issue here is that a part can only have in-context-li...

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The issue here is that a part can only have in-context-links in the context of one assembly. 


Eg:  Youhave a multi-level assembly and you opened the top level assembly, then edit a sub-component of a sub-assembly to create some links (include some edges).  Now you save and close that assembly, go home and came back in the morning and open the sub-assembly and wish to create more links (include some edges) in the same part... it won't let you.  It will only let the part include links from one context, so you would need to edit the part in the context of the top level assembly to add more linked included edges. 


This could also be the reverse: if you created the first linked edges in the sub-assembly (not opened in context of the top level), it won't let you add linked edges in the top level.

Re: The issue here is that a part can only have in-context-li...

You are right I have four sub assemblies under one main assembly.

Now 1) Central Part, 2) Shear Leg, 3) Fixed Leg-1, 4) Fixed Leg-2

Now I have added central part first then 3 others. Now in main assembly I have added some splice plates (they are the parts) now I want to match the holes of splice plate with two other assemblies, when trying to do so it is working properly with central part (which is 1st sub assembly in main assembly) but not with others 3 sub assemblies.

Again those plates are not a part of any sub assemblies. They are in main assembly and they are added after 4 sub assemblies.

this is the scenario....Now what is your suggestion?