Include command very flaky!

I have a model where I am creating a sketch using the include command.  The geometry has a lot of silhouette edges that I am trying to capture in the sketch and I am finding that I have to make many attempts on most of the edges before they are included as associative.  When I first click on the geometry Solid Edge thinks about it for about 2 - 3 seconds and then the included line comes through as non-associative and then I have to undo and start over again - often 5 - 10 times before SE decides to let it be included as associative.  When the line finally comes through as associative the process is alot quicker than the earlier attempts.  Has anybody else noticed this behaviour?  I am using ST9 MP06.


Betreff: Include command very flaky!

Hi @chrisstandring



so when You talk about shilhouette curves I suppose the model to not be sharp edged but to be a more free form model, isn't it.


The surfaces there probably will not be to much flat but more or less curved.


Is this true?


Can You provide an example or a picture?




Re: Include command very flaky!

Even with simple geometry the include command does not work on the first click about 5% of the time.

Betreff: Include command very flaky!

@hawcad  It needn't be "free form". Just a radiused edge will require a silhouette edge.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Betreff: Include command very flaky!

It is a kiln.  Sixty-five metres long, ~4.5 m diameter, wall thicknesses range from 25 to 50 mm for the various strakes.  Silhouette edges due to being cylindrical in shape.  Simplifying geometry prior to conducting FEA.


One thing I have noticed over the years with SE is that the more geometry there is the slower SE becomes in the sketch environment!  This has been true from at least version 18.  My machine really chugs and it has lots of RAM and a Quadro 4000 card.  Silhouette edges really do a number on productivity!  What should have taken ten minutes or less probably took over an hour.

Betreff: Include command very flaky!

SE is getting more features as we ask for it, but I think the main culperate is Nvidia under windows. The main set of CAD drivers from Nvidia were origionally written by 3D labs who went out of buisiness after Nvidia stole all the driver code. A Law a suit prooved it, but 3D labs still went under. Nvidia has never had a 100% handle on the drivers they use. I wish 3D labs was still around making the great vid cards they did 20 years ago.


Windows is in the middle of all of this. Before windows, CAD inputs could be 30 steps ahead of the Mouse. Now we have to wait for the mouse (Vid card reaction) to be ready before we can input a command.

Betreff: Include command very flaky!

@12GAGE I am intrigued by your comments regarding nvidia and 3D labs - I did not know that.


It certainly does look like one has to wait for the computer/video card to catch up before proceeding with a command.  You click on a command button and it is like the computer is fibrillating for several seconds before clearing its' throat and getting on with the command.  Roll on quantum computing!