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Inflatable leading edge power kite


Hi there!

I'm trying to design an inflatable LE power kite just like the one in the image, and I have never used this kind of program. Could anyone tell me some idea to start the design? At least which command would be useful for the inflatable things. Maybe a surface?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Inflatable leading edge power kite

Yes, you would use surfacing tools.  Are you just wanting to model it for visual purposes or do you want to model the individual pieces as separate part files, so you can create patterns for fabricating your own product?


This is really easy to model if you know the workflow, so to help, I can create a quick video tutorial for you if you'd like.  Let me know your email and after I create the video, I can post the link in here to help others as well.


Re: Inflatable leading edge power kite


Thank you, @HaagEnterprises


The aim was to develop a model to get some properties such as center of mass and inertia tensor. I used some surfaces and I was able to get something. However, my model is composed of one element only and it would be nice if I could create different parts (leading, edge, ribs...etc) separately and then assembly all of them.


My email is:


Thanks for your help!