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Insert image and transparency

High there again.

After drawing some geometry in the 2D model, I wanted to insert an image to see how my geometry compares to the picture.
I am not able to tell the image should be in the background under the drawn geometry. Also it seems the trasparency option in the insert image dialog has no effect.
It's strange because I am quite sure i did this in the past. Although maybe I had inserted the pic before drawing, and thus the drawing was on top.

I am sure this is pretty simple, but your help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Best regards,


PS : using v102

Re: Insert image and transparency

I tested this and I have no problem getting the transparent color to work.
Make sure that it took the color you selected.
Right Mouse Click on the border of the image.
Check 'Use transparent color'.
Click on the 'Pick Color' button and click on the color you want to be
transparent in the display window of the dialog.
The box next to 'Pick Color' will change to the selected color.
Make sure that the color selected is broad in extent.
If the image does not have a constant color, it will not work.
Rick B.

Re: Insert image and transparency

Thanks for your answer Rick.

Unfortunately I tried again the sequence you mention, but it won't get the correct color I pick for transparency in the insert dialog.

Please find there attached the picture I am trying to make trasparent.
It is a bmp file, with only 2 levels, so that i am sure that all the clear area is white.

Please let me know if it does work for you.



Re: Insert image and transparency

I went back to V102 (ST2) and tested it.
It is a bug in ST2.
It has been fixed in ST3.
ST3 will be realeased within a few weeks.
Rick B.

Re: Insert image and transparency

Thanks Rick.

That's nice!

Looking forward to using ST3.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards.