Insight Life Cycle Assistant - Issue

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Hi, I am getting the following message when entering Life Cycle Assistant in Insight:



As can be seen, the Cancel option in not available.


Retry and Suspend appear to have no effect.


-I have ensured that all files are 'Checked-In'.

-I have deleted the 'translog' file from cookies.


I  have also seen the following error message:

I have attempted to follow this guidance but to now avail.


Any help would be much appreciated.






Re: Insight Life Cycle Assistant - Issue

Something went wrong in the process.


Now you can check you Insight Cache for  the "translog.xml" for some details!


You will find it typically in

%appdata%\Unigraphics Solutions\Solid Edge\Insight\Cookies(MyUsername)\translog.xml


You can rename this logfile and try again but it will be always good to get in touch with your support because for some reason the process failed.