Insight Maintenance Schedule

Is there a recommended set of maintenance procedures that should be done regularly?


I am specifically referring to the SQL server.


We seem to be having significant performance issues since upgrading to SY7 with regards to opening files from our insight server. Solid Edge seems to just stop on some clients intermittently.


We have looked at the network and there seems to be no issues. The server is not issuing any warnings. So we are wondering if there is something quirky with Sharepoint, and the upgrade to ST7 is a coincidence.


Incidentally we have installed MP2 with no improvement.



Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.





Re: Insight Maintenance Schedule

Check the readme regarding creating network shortcuts.

UNC and not URL is now recommended.

Not sure if it will help with performance though.


Go to Internet Options, Connections tab, LAN settings and make sure "Automatically detect settings" is unchecked.


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Thanks Jason.

I had missed this.

I have just made this change, but there are now some new issues.

The readme says regarding changing to UNC paths from URL that "This change has no impact to your entries in searchscope.txt"

I have remapped the shortcuts on one client as a test.
Opening files seems to be ok ('ish), however now various other functions have a problem.
Basically if you use the browse to add entries to the filemap.txt file the libraries are not visible.
Also using the "Delete from Library", or "Move Managed" tools in revision manager, all the libraries are selectable, but blank.

I have not tried changing the searchscope's to the UNC paths yet, (I will have to wait until all other users are free, otherwise it get's too noisy!)

Has anyone else seen this been though this before I change it over?


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OK, The readme is a little ambigious!


Clearly it is not referring to the network locations mapped on the clients!

Mapping the clients to UNC locations causes all sorts of issues. some of which include Moving managed files with revision manager dosn't show any file, as does adding locations to the file mapping.....


Anyway now i am quite confused!

What network locations is this readme referring to?


For reference the searchscope on the server does not like UNC's!


Is anyone able to help?




Re: Insight Maintenance Schedule

My understanding of the changes in ST7 where that the Network Places created on the clients need to be the UNC path to the sites/doclibs (ex.  \\server\sites\site) instead of the previous URL used in ST6 (ex.  http://server/sites/site).  Searchscope.txt file remains the same as ST6 using the URL.  I have not tested ST7 Insight yet.


Production: ST9 MP7
Testing: ST10

Re: Insight Maintenance Schedule

That was how I interpreted it as well. However it would appear to be incorrect.

Mapping the client network locations to UNC paths has caused a lot of issues. Also it was explained to me by our support guy's that what I meant was the paths in the Options settings/file should be now set to UNC's rather then URL's.

Where possible a lot of the settings in out options file are already set to UNC's. We had to do this to get it to work on multiple sites. However none of the insight settings can be changed to anything other than the a URL.

Can someone from Siemens Please get back to us with specifically what should be mapped to UNC's?


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what we do in Standard is to setup an SQL-Agent that minimizes the SQL-transaction log.


This Log-File will flood your harddisk and we  have seen negative impacts to the performance! The agent will run every night and keeps the transaction log very small.

In some cases the hardisk was completely full because of this logfile. Than nothing works and you get a strange behavior in Insight!


Another performance boost you can get is to create indexes of specific columns in the SQL Database. But this is a job for somebody who has a really deep knowledge in Insight because the columns you have to do the index are different form installation to installation!!


Kind regards



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The only thing we map to UNCs are library locations on client machines.


"add a network location" and add "\\sql\PreSite\PreLib" and give it a name. The specific path, of course, will vary according to your setup.


However, I also have URL network locations "http://sql/PreSite/PreLib" on my machine and that works also.


Additionally, when we first open a file from edge, the UNC setting applies but when we use open again the dialog is on URL. So I'm not sure what good UNC settings are anyway. It would be nice if UNC stuck because name sorting makes more sense.


You mentioned "filemap.txt" elsewhere. I don't know what that is nor can I find it. Did you mean foldermap.txt? We have that but it's blank. That's actually a question I have as the folder comment says "This file contains the folder mapping between Local paths and Server Paths."

As I said, ours is blank, but I'm not sure how it could be used.

Bruce Shand
ST9 MP8 - Insight - Win10 - K4200

Re: Insight Maintenance Schedule

Hi Stefan,

Yes this is what we are seeing as well. The transaction log file is quite extreme, (Hundreds of Gig's) compared to our 15'ish Gig of data.

Can you advise what the SQL-Agent you are using is?

We are seeing very strange behaviour, and intermittent performance issues with some clients. I am now wondering if this is linked.


Re: Insight Maintenance Schedule


Sorry I meant Foldermap.txt

I have never actually set anything up in here directly, Though we have several entries.
Generally this happens when I try to save a translated copy of a file locally. I am asked if I want to add this to the fodermap.txt file. Usually if I don't it will not allow me to save a translated copy.