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Insight/SharePoint - Permission when revising files


We use Solid Edge ST9 with insight and use life cycle assistant when revising files.

We have an Engineering Change group in Sharepoint with the standard permission level "Contribute" on the released library in sharepoint. That however gives the users permission to delete files as well in that library which I do not want. So I created a new permission level in sharepoint that is the same as “Contribute” but without the delete permission.


So far so good, but when I run LCA on a file and LCA wants to move the released file to the obsolete library I get an error message: “Delete permission must be added to the library for “user”.”


So what is the best permission setup when working with pre-released/released/obsolete librarys and in Insight?

Any help is appreciated!


Re: Insight/SharePoint - Permission when revising files

The Engineering Change group is your group of users that can make new revisions and new files. You can set that group up with a special permission level of "Contribute w/ no Delete".
However, the Document Control overlay group is your group of users that move documents with LCA and will need Contribute access across your pre-released/released/obsolete libraries.
You really can't have a user in both groups if you want to deny their ability to Delete. With great power comes great responsibility.
Dale Smith
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
SE 2019 MP6 - Insight