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We're a small firm looking forward using the Insight management system. All implementing guides and tutorials are using on-premises server set-up, but we would like a cloud-based (subscription) system. It is possible to use Teamcenter with Azure, so is it possible to use Insight with Azure(+MS Sharepoint)?


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We are in the process to have a look at Azure because it will be very interesting for our customers.


From the first view I can say that you have to think about a virtual machine because you have to install the Insight-Server software on the SharePoint Server and just with a SharePoint Server you will be not able to do this.


Also custom workflows have the need to install some piece of software.

- Draft to PDF with upload in SharePoint

- Send BOM to ERP

- Create Flatten DXF from PSM etc.


I will keep you informed asap I have news about it.



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Thanks for the reply!


I'm trying to set up the system in Azure, but I've encountered a problem now - while configuring SharePoint Foundation 2010 with Insight server, the implementation guide tells to add a BOM View to the sharepoint web part from under Categories->Miscellaneous, but there are no options like that available. I've added a screenshot.

Running Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter @ Microsoft Azure

SQL Express 2014

Sharepoint Foundation 2010 (couldn't install the 2013 version because of a "Application Server Role. Web Server (IIS) Role: Configuration error." and couldn't fix the problem.

Insight Server 2010.

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I have seen different issues:

SharePoint Foundation 2010? SearchServer Express is the requirement

SQL Express? Works for testing but it is unsupported and we can really not recommend to do real work with it. 

Webpart - Maybe it is not deployed and you have to o this manually. It should be the job of the Insight Server installer but sometimes it needs a little push


Kind regards 




P.S: Please keep us all updated. A really interesting project

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Okay,  I somehow missed the SearchServer Express requirement. Uninstalled Insight server, Foundation 2010 and then installed SearchServer Express and reinstalled foundation 2010 and Insight server(as instructed in the guide). Still no WebPart available, how do I install/add them manually?

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try following steps to add WebParts to Insight. I have Czech locale, so I will try to translate terms to english. Also please see the attached video, it shows step-by-step enablement of WebParts.

Hope this helps.


1. Log to TopSite as Insight administrator

2. Click Site Action - Site Settings

3. Click on "Web parts" link in Gallery section

4. Click on "Documents" tab and click "New Document" button

5. Scroll all the way down and select all four checkboxes with Solid Edge Web Parts

6. Scroll back on top and select "Add to gallery" button.


Now you should be able to see the web parts when you create WebPart page.



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Thanks for the well-explained guide! Sadly, there are no Web Parts to select under the "New Document".


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I think you have to deploy the Webparts manually.


You will find this in the Central Administration -> Farm solutions


There are the Webparts and you have to deploy it.


But I strongly recommend that you involve an experienced partner.

He can help you to avoid traps or helps in configuration because in this kind of solution the success comes and goes with a good configuration.

Just setting up the system, doing some basic configuration/customization and show how it works is an effort of 2 days and it will pay.



Kind regards



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Hey don't tell the SolidWorks folk that you don't recommend SQL Express! ;-)


That is what they are supplying with the "new" PDM Standard product that is free with Professional and Premium licenses- supposed to be a replacement of Workgroups. Not even close.

That's a hint for all those folks having to deal with "free" PDM with SW's pretty uselss for a real working environment and has much less capabilities than the existing Workgroup toolset. "More for Less" or is that "Less for More"!

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Configured the server (at least I think so) and I can access it from anywhere now successfully after logging in with user and password. I can select the URLs in solid edge options-manage but it seems it's not working properly.

Looking at the InsightClientLog .txt file reveals this:


medium-PC\medium 12/18/2015 (15:18:45:383) Exception occurred with the message : Unable to connect to the remote server
Stack Trace :   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream(TransportContext& context)
        at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream()
        at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters)
        at WebServiceClient.InsightWSProxy.InsightWS.JWSS_GetSiteUrlFormInputUrlWithSharepointVersion(String str_Url, Int32& iSharepointVersion, String& str_site_url)
        at WebServiceClient.WebServiceClientClass.JGetSiteUrlFormInputUrlWithSharepointVersion(String str_Url, Int32& iSharepointVersion, String& str_site_url)
medium-PC\medium 12/18/2015 (15:19:6:400) Function JGetSiteUrlFormInputUrlWithSharepointVersion is not returning any site url and exiting out with hr = 0xFFFFFFFF80040E96

medium-PC\medium 12/18/2015 (15:19:6:400) Called the function JGetSiteUrlFormInputUrlWithSharepointVersion with Input url https://...


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