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Insight, check in on mass

With Insight, Does anyone know what is the easiest way to check in a lot of files?


The files have not been modified and are not in my cache.



I had an issue where i was renaming a lot of parts using the assmebly opened in Revision manager. I opted to rename all files within this assmebly option, and deselected the files that did not need updating. This worked fine, however it did not "Clear actions" on the where used results, of the files that I did not rename.

The result was a common part, (like a screw or something) ended up forcing a lot of asmsbelies to be checked out to me. The problem came from when i could not complete the action as many files were checked out to other users. Eventually I cancelled the operation, which left  all the alread checked out assmeblies still checked out.


Now I get a lot of requests form other users to check in various files as they require them.


Thanks in advance



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Re: Insight, check in on mass

You should be able to see these in SharePoint and there is a method to cancel check out in bulk.


Here are instructions for a Mass Check-in but you can use it for a mass discard check-out too.

Mass Check In

To check-in files en mass:

  1. Under Site Actions, select Site Settings
  2. Under Site Administration, Click Content and Structure
  3. Change View: Default View to View: Checked Out to Me
  4. Select the items you wish to check in
  5. Select Actions > Check In

You can also use this technique to mass discard check out, find links to other documents, and other activities.


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Re: Insight, check in on mass

Thanks Ken,

This didn't work but it led me to a solution. I do not have the "Content and Structure" setting anywhere.

What I did:
- Click "Library" under the Library tools"
- Created a view that includes the "Checked out to" field.
- Use this to filter out all files checked out by you.
- Use the check box at the top to select all files. (Note there is a maximum of 100 files, so I limited the view to only 100 files to make life easier!)
- Click "Documents" under Library tools
- click either the "Check in" or "Discard Check out" as you wish.

Note I had to do this with each library, and within each folder in each library separately. There is probably a method where I could do it on the entire library, but with the size of our database it was quicker to just do it rather than find out how!


Re: Insight, check in on mass



You can use cache assistant on the client you tried to preform the action on.

If they files were checked out they should be in the client's local cache.


You might need to turn on the "Allow checking in from cache assistant" in the solid edge admin options file.



Re: Insight, check in on mass

Hi Ori,

Yeah, that was my first approach.

Unfortunately the files were not in my cache, and the cache assistant could not find them.


Re: Insight, check in on mass



There is a download button on the cache assitant.

You can download the files you want to check-in to your cache and then check them all in.



Re: Insight, check in on mass

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I've tried this, but see no "content and structure" in our site (attachment 1).

I also tried using the search function, but it doesn't seem possible that way (attachment 2).


Downloading and checking in items through the cache assistant didn't work either.

Items remained checked out for some reason.


Any other quick and easy way to search all parts checked out and check in or discard them?

We're using Solid Edge SP.




Re: Insight, check in on mass


After you create a view how do you make it active or apply it?

And after you create it how can you delete it?

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