Install both ST6 and ST7 on same computer

I have installed ST7 and are using a dongle.

I know I can install also ST6 on the same computer.

But how do I do it in an easy way?





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Re: Install both ST6 and ST7 on same computer

Hi Geir,
You just need to install the second version by running the .msi installation. Otherwise your installation won't working.

Re: Install both ST6 and ST7 on same computer

Thank you Destian!

I have logged into Gtac and started the download, but there is only a .exe file.

Can I extract this file after the download?

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Re: Install both ST6 and ST7 on same computer


I suggest to use 7zip for unzipping exe file.
You have to use silent install mode, if you would like to use dual mode.
You can find info about this in solid edge installation guide (pdf).
I don't support to use ST6 and ST7 on the same OS.

Here is a help:


Re: Install both ST6 and ST7 on same computer

From the Solid Edge readme file (attached):


Multiple Installs

Multiple versions of Solid Edge are now allowed to be installed concurrently for testing core Solid Edge in a non-production environment.  (Add-on products, such as Mold Tooling or SE Teamcenter Client (SEEC) or Solid Edge SP will not work.)  With ST7, ST4, ST5, or ST6 may also be installed.  The older version must be installed first, and then ST7 must be installed silently.  To switch between versions, you have to activate the version you want to use, and this is done with a new program called “SESetActiveVersion.exe”.  The program is located on the installation media in the folder ..\Solid Edge\SptTools\SESetActiveVersion.  You can run the program from any location.  In the dialog, select the version you want to use then select “Activate”; when the dialog goes away the selected version is ready to be used.  If a maintenance pack needs to be applied, be sure to activate the appropriate version of Solid Edge prior to the MP installation.

Note:  Multiple version installations are not supported for production use. GTAC will only verify problems using a single version install, as well as Development will only address problems that are reproducible using a single version install. Multiple version installations are to be used only for comparing basic Solid Edge functionality for the purposes of demonstration or pre-upgrade testing. If you need to run multiple versions in a production environment Virtual Machine configurations are the recommended method. When moving to production, it is recommended that you remove all versions, reboot the system, and then install a single product version.