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Installation Problem


I downloaded the Solid_Edge_Web_Package_ST10 File from the website ( , but it doesn't work. It will open a new black window for not even a second and then nothing happens. What am I supposed to do?


Re: Installation Problem



I am not able to run the ST 10 on my PC.

This is student version of this software.


I am able to install this software but when i am running it, it is getting terminate automactly.

I do not have Sold-ID (and I do not know where i should request it to get it)


I have rigistered myself during downloading on Siemence page and i did not get any info about licence / user's account.



1. Do I need the licence file for student version - and where i can get it

2. What can be the rootcoust for my execution problem on my PC

3. Do I need to register myself in any other places externaly 


Can you tell me where I made mistake and can you descibe me what i should do to fix my problems, because it is another day when I am dealing with this.


Thanks in advance.


Peter form Poland