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Installation Windows7 Home Premium


I'm trying to install on Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1, 64 Bit.

I downloaded the installer SolidEdgeV105ENGLISH_32Bit.exe from the link sent to me.

I try to install but I get an error about the installer not being compatible with the windows operating system.

Image of error can be downloaded here

Will Solid Edge work on this OS?



Re: Installation Windows7 Home Premium

I know this won't be much help, but I'm running the same setup, and I installed SE successfully but haven't gotten it running yet due to an issue with the license utility. The only suggestion I have would be to run windows update and make sure everything's up to date. That and disable the user account controls per the sticky post about the license utility, just in case.
Good luck.

Re: Installation Windows7 Home Premium

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Esteemed Contributor
Also, there have been issues with some virus scanners that required their removal.
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