Installation error

I've downloaded the Solid Edge Student version (because i need it for the scool) an if i want to install it comes this error he is coming every time if i start it whith a doubble press. I've allready downloaded a second time i've redownloaded but it still give this error. I dont know why it isn't installing and starting the only thing i  could imagine is that my laptop have a 64 Bit version and the programm has 23 Bit but it should go anyway. Please help me!! Thanks forward.
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Re: Installation error

Try to download the 64 Bit Version...

Re: Installation error

I assume that you are running Win10.ST6 is not compatible with Win10.So you have to download ST9 student version...

Re: Installation error

Aside from ST6 not being compatible with Windows 10, the error you are receiving is exactly as stated.  It has nothing to do with software bit versions.  For whatever reason, your downloaded file is corrupted.  You will need to download the file again, and this time consider using a download manager to help ensure the file is downloaded successfully.