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Installing A Part In Assembly

I am attempting to install a part in assembly. Showing in the video, the part does not follow the

contour to the main part. The main part which is a flat surface... The part being installed goes straight down.


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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Greg, I had a hard time viewing the video do to size. I c...


I had a hard time viewing the video do to size. I could not find a way to shrink the video to fit the window. Any ways when I drop an item into an assembly I like to drop it close but off to the side of where I will be placing it. That allows me to select faces for the relations. I also like to have "use FlashFit and Use Reduced Steps" selected in the options control box under the "creating relationship command".


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Re: Installing A Part In Assembly

Have you applied any assembly relationships yet? Bringing parts into an assembly does not magically snap them together. You must tell it where and how they fit, using the Assemble command.
-Dylan Gondyke