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Installs perfect, but won't execute.

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I have installed the software without problem & it won't run.. I get an Information
dialog box stating.
Title: Solid Edge License Check
Message: You do not have any Solid Edge licenses, Contact your system administrator
to obtain a license.
I have...
- Followed the procedure for the license file, both before installation & then again
using the after installation procedure.
- looked in the ...program directory & the SELicense.dat is present.
- not opened the .dat file with any other packages
- read the other posts on the forum about similar problems
What now??

Re: Installs perfect, but won't execute.

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Most likely the problem is the license filename. Depending on your settings in Windows
Explorer, you may not be seeing the .dat extension on the .dat files. Because of
this, you may have named the file SELicense.dat.dat. To check this rename the file
again and remove the .dat that you see from the filename. The name you will see
now is 'SELicense'. If the file type still shows 'DAT file', then the file system
is hiding the real .dat extension. Try running Solid Edge 2D Drafting again after
renaming the license file.
Rick B.