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Interface Suggestion


Hi. Sorry if there's a better place to post this, I didn't find it.


I'm new to Solid Edge, but have played with a number of other graphical/cad programs. One thing I find incredibly useful for learning my way around a new program, is listing the keyboard shortcut in the tooltip for every button that has a keyboard shortcut. Chances are, if I use a tool once, and plan on using it, even just a second time, I'd rather just make note of the shortcut when I use it the first time, and not have to go hunt for some vaguely familiar little icon, again. I'm sure, in time, I'll learn the tools I use, often, but this would speed up that process 10 fold, without having to look up each tool that I think I might use often.


Use a tool, see the shortcut, use it a few times, and the shortcut gets associated with that tool way more naturally than a seperate reference sheet, or a google search.


Thank you.


bonus rant:

Also, please, just give me the option to turn the classic text menus back on. The mess that is the Vista-style tabs and guided menus make me anxious whenever I have to use them.


Re: Interface Suggestion

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


Probably in the general group "Solid Edge Forum" would've been better....


Solid Edge doesn't operate [totally] on archane deeply rooted keyboard shortcuts, obviously there are the generic Windows assured, where there ARE keyboard shortcuts, they can, and in most places will be, displayed alongside the command. You can of cousre customise the UI also.....with ALL the tools you want, where you want them.


One of the key places you need to look for, is the "Prompt Bar", this gives you continuous feedback on what the system is looking for next, as well as giving method options. The other is, Solid Edge Options, and look at the section called "Helpers", this gives the user a choice on the level of system assistance they get during usage. Another is the "Command Finder"....



There is an older Blog post on topic, you might find helpful.....



There was much consternation over the adoption of the Microsoft "Fluent" UI....and you'll find it has been adopted by almost all the CAD vendors. If you still really want the old look & feel, then your only option would be to stay behind on the release that did that for you, which would be version 20....only NINE versions old.

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Re: Interface Suggestion


Thanks, I appreciate your time, and fully realize that this is mostly just opinions of a frustrated novice. I'm excited about the program, but I guess I've come to expect certain, simple interface elements. I haven't used the full 3D program, so I assumed my problem was specific to the free 2D Drafting.


I see that it does actually show the shorcut in the tooltip, for the buttons that have one, my apologies. I was just thrown by the lack of tools that have shortcuts. The only options to set my own, without modifier keys, are the F-keys, though, is that intentional? None of the keys seem to do anything, on their own, right now.


There's nothing arcane about keyboard shortcuts, (typed out commands, though, very 2000.) It seems like a huge step backwards to exclude single-keypress shortcuts. I switch between the drawing tools pretty often, and can press a key on the keyboard, without looking, and less movement of my hands and eyes than clicking it in the field of icons in the ribbon, or the limited radial menu. My hand is already sitting on unused keys, there isn't a single place on the ribbon you can put an icon that I can't drop one of my fingers on a key, faster than clicking on.


Also, I like the ribbon enough, and I agree that it's faster than menu trees, when the tools are there, but it certainly is no replacement for a well organized list of tools, in a familiar menu, if I don't know the exact name of the tool I'm looking for. Dragging an item from the menu, to the ribbon would be a whole heck of a lot simpler than the extremely convoluted ribbon customization screen, too. There's plenty of room in the title bar, it can't be that hard to put a toggle for the text menus in the preferences. It makes it feel like early windows vista, or mac, pushing simplification and "usability," by burying, or outright removing, features.


I'll continue to explore the interface, and do what I can to customize it, but it seems like there could be far better defaults and options.


Thanks, again

Re: Interface Suggestion

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There are plenty of shortcut keys available in the draft environment.


In the attached Excel spreadsheet is a list of all out-of-the-box keyboard assignments for ST7 (haven't updated it yet to ST8 Man Sad).  Simply apply a filter in the Environment column for the various Draft environments.There are more than just Function keys available in Draft.


However, what you will not find in Solid Edge OOTB is a series of keyboard assignments a lá AutoCAD for starting commands e.g. l for line, z for zoom, etc.  Such keyboard functionality would require you to configure it so.


Re: Interface Suggestion


BimmyBot, in using SE up until the last year or so, I also loved using speed keys because that is what I had been accustomed to on other software. But one day I decided to see what the Radial Menu really was about. I had pretty much ignored it from when it had been first introduced due mainly to not seeing a benefit for my work process. However, after customizing it to my preferences and using for a few weeks, I fell in love with it. Although I still use some speed keys that I assign to my multifunction mouse, I rarely use others that I had setup. My advice is to check out this feature and see if it works for you.