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Invalid License Problems - READ THIS

There have been a number of you experiencing an Invalid License Dialog when
you run 2D Drafting.
There are a number of reasons why the license fails. One is when the license
We provide timed licenses to try to ket the user base to update to the
latest versions when they become available.
We want you to returrn to the web site and request the latest versions when
they are available.
We also provide license updates if you wish to continue to use your current
I have been working with a couple of you to track down another issue with
the licenses.
As a result of the investigation, it has been determined that the problem
that some of you are having is a result of changing the system date at some
Licensing software has gotten to the point where it can detect when a system
date change has occurred.
This was implemented in 2D Drafting ST2.
Some people will change their system date in an attempt to fool timed
Others may change the date for other reasons.
Later changing the system date back to the correct date will not resolve the
The damage is done!
It is highly unadvisable to ever change your system date!
2D Drafting should be reporting an error representative of the system date
change, not the generic invalid license error.
The correct error will be displayed in a future release.
Short of a system rebuild to fix the system date, there is no quick fix for
this problem.
Rick B.