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Irregular Chamfer


Hope this is the right forum.. I'm very new to SolidEdge!

I am attempting to create a replica of a piece of cockpit instrumentation in an aircraft (pic attached) and am struggling with how to chamfer the 'window' on the panel. The panel has an LCD screen which is sunk into the panel itself, and has a chamfer along the edge of the window to increase the viewing angles. This would be easy to do with the Chamfer command, however although the depth of chamfer is constant, the angle is not. The chamfer is steeper at the top and bottom of the window than at the sides (the sideways viewing angle is more important than the vertical). The chamfer is then blended together into one smooth curve.




Can anyone suggest how might be best to replicate this within SolidEdge? Forgive my crude drawing, I hope it illustrates what I am attempting.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Re: Irregular Chamfer

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Gears Honored Contributor

Using the Draft command, I was able to get close to what you are looking to model:




The blend between the faces is a variable radius type and you can use the Blend command of Solid Edge with a smaller radius at the bottom and a larger value for the top vertex.



Re: Irregular Chamfer


I would try it in this way.

You could insert you Foto into Solid Edge and use 2 sketches on 2 different planes...




Re: Irregular Chamfer


There are a number of ways to do this. You could remove the rounds in the corners and apply two different chamfer features. Draft, as Tushar says is another good method. You could also do a lofted cut from the existing window outline to a new sketch on the outer face. It would take more time to set up, but you could also do a multi-profile sweep around the window with profiles at different angles.

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Re: Irregular Chamfer


Perfect! Took some playing but I got it working.. Thanks all, the draft did it the best.