Is it okay on st10?

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I will talk about synchronous and Order forms.
Synchronous is very efficient when it is modified.
However, when you create a new feature, it is easier to order.

In st9 version, if history is all synchronous,
It is open to synchronous environment.
This is a coercion.

With or without history
Users should be able to set and use the desired environment.

For ST10 version please improve.
And I hope to get the test in order to catch the problem in advance.


p.s : When you press the application button, the screen changes
Please fix.


Betreff: Is it okay on st10?

Hi @Hclee



sorry to say but I've not fully understand Your request concerning Synchronous "History"

For me those two words doesn't match.

Synchronous - by definition - is without any history, it is like it is, the result is the important issue not the way to that result.


And, with certain limits, You can change between those two worlds of paradigmas.


You can move all history based features (what is traditional) up to be synchronous.


There is no way back since after being sync the CAD model doesn't knwo how the way was to get there.


I don't think that a 100% equalization between those two methods will ever be possible or will make sence.


If we talk about "How two improve the sync behaviour" then I think there is one request to make  terms then it would be to have similar options and functionallity in both modes.


To bring some examples: the close corner functionallity in PSM, IMHO differs between them, the user interface with the shortcuts I like so much, e.g. symmetric protrusion (shift key) and similars.



But maybe You can explain in a little more detail what You expect and what Your request are.



Betreff: Is it okay on st10?

I, sort of, understand I think.


We use a lot 'insert part copy'.

For example, I draw a part "middle", then a "left" that starts from a copy of "middle" and than a "right" that's a mirrored copy of "left". 

If you do this in synch you lose the link. So I too would like a full mixed trad/synch design.

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Re: Is it okay on st10?

"In st9 version, if history is all synchronous, It is open to synchronous environment. This is a coercion. With or without history Users should be able to set and use the desired environment."

---> There is an option to set that will open new files in either ordered or sync...
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Re: Is it okay on st10?

To further clarify Matt's answer, go to Solid Edge Options -> Helpers. There is a section "Start Part and Sheet Metal documents using this environment". Set this to Ordered. All new files will then default to the Ordered environment.


For more on this see the following Solid Edge help page:

Re: Is it okay on st10?

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Dear Edge users
We received your reply well.

But I have done everything you already told me.
We have created a YouTube video to help you understand.


1. Extend the simple shape of the rectangle.
2. Move this rectangular feature to the assembly.
3. Save the assembly document.
4. Now select the part and press the "Modify" button.
5. About three times? Try repeating.

At some point the part will be open synchronously.
I am talking about this Youtube Video..


Youtube URL :

If you have a phenomenon like VIDEO
Please share the IR report.

I want to do it but I have limited English ability. i sad..

Re: Is it okay on st10?

Hi Hclee,


I've seen your video.

As far as I know, this can be considered as a normal behavior.

Since there is no feature created in "Ordered", when opening the file, SE will open it in "Synchronous" mode.


Weird thing here is that behavior seems to be different if you "Open" the file from assembly or if you "Edit" the part.






Re: Is it okay on st10?

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hello Michel_Corriv

Even if the history is synchronous, you want to use a orderd environment.

Simultaneous use of Oderd and synchronous
I think it is advantage of edge.
I can only think of forced.

Creating an orderd environment
I want to be synchronized with the modification.

I think it is definitely wrong.

Re: Is it okay on st10?

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Hi @Hclee




I don't see this as crucial but if You want the part to be a definitively orderd, then creat a small orderd sketch with a point in it and I'm absolutely confident that from then on only ordered mode will be used.


As long as there are only synchronous features and faces SE will intend to go into sync mode I suppose.




Re: Is it okay on st10?

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hello hawcad..


This problem was not a problem until ST8.
I am very embarrassed from ST9.

I am only using synchronous mode when modifying.
The idea of creating a feature is that orderd is much faster.

But to create a sketch in a orderd is ...
Every time you want to move the history synchronously later
It is because it is troublesome.

Please help me to correct this problem .. ^^