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Is it possible to pass custom properties for a part to a view caption?


or am I doing something wrong? I have a custom property in the part "Quantity". I can see it in the property manager and parts lists (in addition to the standard parts list quantity)  but it doesn't show up in the list of graphic connection properties in the select property text dialog box. And if I write it by hand %{Quantity|G} it gives me an error: no reference.


It doesn't seem to work for a callout, either.

Using SE since V12, 2002
ST10 certified

I may need more information, but I'll try to answer based...

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I may need more information, but I'll try to answer based on the limited information I have.

I assume it is a drawing view of an assembly, but you want this custom 'quantity' property of a part from within the assembly and display that quantity in the caption of the assembly drawing view. Is that correct?


This is the workflow with the new Caption tab in Drawing View Properties.

While in the Caption tab, click in the caption text field where you want the property text returned. Click on the Property Text Button.

In the Select Property Text dialog Change the combo box at the top to 'Named Reference'.

Expand the assembly in this dialog until you can see your part and click on it.

The custom properties for that part should now be included in the 'Properties' list.

Click on the custom property and click Select, or simply double click on the property.

You will see the property in the field at the bottom. Notice that the string includes the path through the assembly to the selected part.

Click on OK.

This returns the string to the caption.

Click on OK in the Drawing View properties.

You should see your custom property in the caption.