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How can I add a ballon to a single part draw with the same Item number of the assembly?
When I draw an assembly, the BOM places a ballon with the item numbers to each part, and I can add new ballons linked to this BOM with the item numbers of this parts (If I point to the part nº5, It will show a 5 and so on). But I need to do this with single parts drawings that are already numbered in the assembly. When I place the ballon (linked to the BOM, display Item number on...) It's always part nº 1.


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Karras, a Part does not know that it is part of an assembly, and it could be used in many different assemblies as well.  The item number intelligence is only present in the assembly in which the part is used.  What you are getting when drafting only the part is correct.


To do what you want, you would have to place the assembly in your draft with all other parts turned off.  Couple ways to do this is use an assembly configuration where you hide all other parts and specify that when placing the view OR place the view without a configuration and manually turn off all the other parts in the drawing view property forms Display section.


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The above answer is correct. If you want item numbers, you must insert the assembly and turn everything off that that one part.


Other options

Avoid useing item numbers and give every part a name, use the names to label the details.

place item number within each part. This method is hard.


I use two methods.

For sheet metal, I use the naming method of idetification.

For frames I use the assembly item number method.


What should happen is that within the context of a drafting file, indevidual part view should know what that part's item number is for the assembly that was used to create a designated master BOM for that drawing. This should become an improvement request. I dont have the time to learn how to do a request like that.

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Thanks for your answers
I understand the way it works; you can use the same part with differents assemblies, so the item number can vary for each assembly. When I make a project, first I draw the assembly and the BOM, and then I make a detail plan of every individual part in differents sheets, so I have to add the item number of each part. I was wondering if you can use the Item number you can generate in the assembly or copy it to a personalized tag??
I think that naming the parts with the item numbers and use it for sorting the BOM could be a solution.
Thank you all again!

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There is new functionality in ST7 that will allow you to place a part on your draft that already has an assembly view and the part placed will be linked ot the same item number as in the assembly view!


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How is that done? can you show an example?

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Pick the part you want in the view wizard from the list of the assembly already in place.

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