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Keeping resized objects in alignment in a 2D Drawing


I have a 2D drawing with several separate linked objects.


When I size up the 'parent' object, the 'child' objects all re-size in different directions - some go up to the right, others go down to the left.


Is there a way to anchor say their bottom left corners so that their bases and left edges are constrained in alignment with each other when they are resized?  Alternatively can I constrain them so that their bases remain aligned but they re-size symetrically from the centre?


I can achieve this using a grid of invisible construction lines but wondered if there is a simple command I haven't discovered that can be used to anchor a single point in each object. 


Re: Keeping resized objects in alignment in a 2D Drawing

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I don't have enough information to fully understand the full design. Are you using blocks? What are you calling an object?


But, geometry can be constrained to other geometry in different ways. For example you can connect the endpoints of two lines using the Connect constraint. Another example is a rectangle where you want to ensure the bottom horizontal edge of the two rectangles stay aligned. Place a Colinear constraint between the two lines. Another example using rectangles is maintaining alignment of the centers of the edges (lines). Place a horizontal constraint between the midpoints of a right hand edge and a left hand edge of the vertical edges of the rectangles. In this case changing the heights of the rectangles will still maintain vertical alignment about the midpoints of the vertical lines.


I hope this helps.


Rick B.