Keyshot: How to refresh?

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I have saved an old Keyshot with rendering details etc. of an Assembly of mine.

When I open it, then it contain an old version of the assembly, not the newest one.


Do you guys know if it's possible to "refresh" the assembly in Keyshot, so I update to receive the newest version of the file?








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You may need to have the Assembly in Solid Edge open, then click on Keyshot Update in the Solid Edge Tools menu.


Not sure this will work, but it's worth a try. If not tray opening both programs and see if that will work.



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Bob is on the right track: You open the assembly in SolidEdge, open Keyshot from SolidEdge, and Keyshot will confirm that you have already saved this, and it will then update.

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I have tried this but it does not work.

My old render is saved at BIP (can't check if the name is correct atm.) and it does not update when I open it, even when I have both programs open etc.


I will post an video of it when I get home.

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I'm new to using Keyshot with ST7, and my saved .bip stuff updates if I open with SE first.

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What if you save a new bip, close both Keyshop and SE. Then open SE and the old bip (with old version if assembly), will the bip still update for you?

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The bip reads the Solid Edge geometry and the file name too but does not retain a link to the path of the Solid Edge part. The .bip file when viewed in WordPad reveals this.



The name of the Solid Edge document is used to create some groups and stuff but after this Keyshot copies all vertices of the traigulated (tessellated) SE object and stores locally:



So chances of any linking and updating of changes made to the SE model are less, unless there are is such explicit functionality provided by Keyshot, other than the Update button in SE. Just my interpretation.


As for your last question - yes, it is just the Update button away if both the new SE model and the old bip are open.


But your original question - ideally that should be the case.