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Keyshot and updating your assembly


When I save my Keyshot session, and then work on my Solid Edge project afterwards, I loose all the work I've done in Keyshot. I've tried opening my Keyshot saved project, and then try to open it again through Solid Edge, and it will ask if I want to update my assembly in Keyshot. This resulst in all my material and environment settings I had in my project to go back to defaults.


Is this just what we get with this free version, only the ability to update our Keyshot session and not lose anything before we save that session? Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Keyshot and updating your assembly

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Valued Contributor

I'm using ST8 MP3, and Keyshot 6 (6.1.65) and I'm having same 'problem'.  A simple change of the assembly on SE (not adding or removing parts... just moving or rotating something) and inside Keyshot it goes back to original state (face styles, materials, etc) after the keyshot update command.


Even if I lock the material to the object, not allowing changes, Keyshot is forced by SE to get back to original state after the update.


Maybe a partial solution is to use the Material Template command inside Keyshot, It seems to help to save some time, but It doesn't prevent the strange behaviour of the Update command.


How do you deal with that, guys ? Anything else we can do about this ?



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Re: Keyshot and updating your assembly


Please submit to your reseller, this is a PR.  The only time the materials in KS will revert to its original state is when you change its face style in SE.


KS Material templates is the way to workaround this but I don't think they are available in the "KS for SE" version which comes with SE Classic and Premium.  This is a Keyshot Pro only feature but I can't test.

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