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Keyshot doesn't work


Hi everyones,


I installed the trial version of Solid Edge and everything seems to work properly, the only thing that does not start is the KeyShot, when I click on the command button or icon on the desktop loads the boot image but remains blocked them and the program does not start.


I got the following error message (in italian)



  Si è verificato un problema che impedisce al programma di interagire con Windows.


Firma problema:

  Nome evento problema:                    AppHangB1

  Nome applicazione:                           keyshot5.exe

  Versione applicazione:             

  Timestamp applicazione:                   53bbb642

  Firma di blocco:                                  b53d

  Tipo interruzione:                               513

  Versione SO:                                        6.1.7601.

  ID impostazioni locali:                        1040

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 1:               b53d7f3ef0491bd3908b10d80c7bbc2c

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 2:               2261

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 3:               2261f2ce42a5a22f83d5542250f61b93

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 4:               b53d

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 5:               b53d7f3ef0491bd3908b10d80c7bbc2c

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 6:               2261

  Firma blocco aggiuntiva 7:               2261f2ce42a5a22f83d5542250f61b93


translated from Italian

   It is a problem that prevents the interaction with Windows program.

Problem signature:
   Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
   Application Name: keyshot5.exe
   Application Version:
   Application Timestamp: 53bbb642
   Block Signature: b53d
   Break Type: 513
   OS Version: 6.1.7601.
   Locale ID: 1040
   additional signature block 1: b53d7f3ef0491bd3908b10d80c7bbc2c
   additional signature block 2: 2261
   additional signature block 3: 2261f2ce42a5a22f83d5542250f61b93
   additional block signature 4: b53d
   additional block signature 5: b53d7f3ef0491bd3908b10d80c7bbc2c
   additional signature block 6: 2261
   additional signature block 7: 2261f2ce42a5a22f83d5542250f61b93


can anyone help me in solving this problem???


thanks in advance





Re: Keyshot doesn't work


Sorry for the trouble, the problem was due to the presence of another versioen of KeyShot installed on the PC

Uninstalled that everything back in place