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Keyshot sometimes fails to open


Hi there,


I have encountered this annoying behaviour of Keyshot 5 sometimes not opening when I start it within Keyshot ST8. It just stays in the initializing state and does nothing until I have to force-shut it.




Usually restarting my system helps and the first time I try to open Keyshot it usually opens just fine, but sometimes after the first time it fails to open. No matter if it is assembly or a part, sometimes it fails and sometimes works, even for the same exact part or assembly.


I just upgraded my workstation to Dell Precision 7510, i7-6820HQ, Quadro M2000M, 16Gb RAM, Windows 10 and have the latest MP8 for SE ST8.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Betreff: Keyshot sometimes fails to open

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Esteemed Contributor




I have seen this behavoiur last week too.


Always I startet an assembly the first time, no problem occured.

Closing KeyShot then, going back to SE and opening KeyShot again - no matter wether this ASM or another one - the KS startscreen hangs.


Kill it with task manager, closing SE and restart it doesn't change anything.


Only a reboot helped to do it once again.




Betreff: Keyshot sometimes fails to open


I updated Keyshot to the latest version (Keyshot 6) from their website. Now it works like a charm again!

Maybe you should try to do the same.