Klaus Dahlenburg

Hi all,


I wanted to inform the forum members that Klaus Dahlenburg passed away on May 17th. His wife asked me to make an announcement here on the forum.

Klaus used to be active on this forum and also on the German “” forum under the username “modeng” He has worked as a programmer and when he retired he continued programming for fun.

He made loads of SolidEdge macro’s: have a look at while it lasts. Probably this site is going offline soon.

I had the privilege to get to know him personally and we met several times during the past 10 years.


Goodbye Klaus…

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Re: Klaus Dahlenburg

Thank you for sharing this news Frank, albeit very sad.......RIP Klaus. His name & work will live on, of that I am sure.

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Betreff: Klaus Dahlenburg

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Good Bye Klaus!

this makes me concerned in the deepest to read that.

At this point thanks to @frank_nx for informing us via the community.


I also had the honor to had contact to Klaus, to talk to him

and to recieve so much help from his enormous knowledge about Solid Edge and Solid Edge API.


May God bless You Klaus on Your last farewell.

But You never will be forgotten.

I only can speek for myself but I believe that this is in the sense of the Solid Edge community from all over the world


Good Bye Klaus and thanks for all You gave to us!



Betreff: Klaus Dahlenburg

Dear Klaus,

Thank You very much for helping me with your smarts, work and kindness of the sharing your code with us. I used some of it in my own ERP package used by myself and some of my business customers for the Solid Edge and SolidWorks document management.


Good Bye Klaus and thank You again.


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Re: Klaus Dahlenburg

good bye Klaus, it was nice to share the membership on this forum. Have a good job while coding on the other side!

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A very sad day,  thanks Klaus for your contribution to the Solid Edge User Community.


Jan Bos


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I never got the privilege to meet him but I got to know his Solid Edge macros that inspired me into SolidEdge programming. Can't be more gratefull to him.

Rest in peace Klaus

Re: Klaus Dahlenburg

I have noted Klaus's absense from the forum over the last months...


Always willing to help and share of his vast knoweledge...


Thankful for his Contributions.



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Re: Klaus Dahlenburg

Very sad news.  

Re: Klaus Dahlenburg

Rest in peace Klaus.