Laptop Upgrade Workstation

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When I received this Solid Edge software, I've always wanted to draft... Didn't know any such program was even available. I had a smaller Laptop upgraded to this computer W7 Home Premium. Now I am finding out this computer is to small... Will not fit the work load.

Many times I've received information about Solid Work.

And they are pushing BOXX Technologies to build workstation. I've received many quotes not knowing what type of software is required for this industry.

Is there a company that will build Solid Edge Workstations to fit Sold Edge or well I be in the dark 

This project holds over 400 pieces plus

Thank You



Re: Laptop Upgrade Workstation

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Esteemed Contributor
All the major vendors (HP, Dell, Lenovo) make workstation class desktops/laptops. Recommend Nvidia Quadro midrange graphics.


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