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Large Assembly Stability


I am having issues in a large assembly file with adding more part files to it. When I either insert a new file and try to move it around I get the spinning wheel for about 20-30 seconds while SE is doing some thinking and locks up. Then this window pops up. I realize one of my sub-assemblies in this master assembly has some unresolved relationships, or components that aren't fully constrained or grounded where they can't be, but this usually has never been an issue. SE for the most part is fairly forgiving to relationship issues compared to other parametric modeling software, where models will just explode in space at some points if you don't constrain well. Sometimes items placed are specific in two planes or points but do not need to be fully constrained to work, and this stacks up quickly. Perhaps it is a bad habbit that error is trying to remind me of and I have finally gotten to a list where it's noticable enough to freeze SE for 30 seconds. 


Anyhow, see the attachment for the error I get. Is there a clean way to go through and look at these links, errors other than the built in Tools (Assistants) tab? I go through there and try to clean up loose ends but one sub is just persistantly difficult. At this point I'm almost rolling back to a previous revision and updating but I would like to understand why this is happening so I can improve practices in the future. And just so we are clear I cannot post this assembly for review for many reasons, but I can post any errors I get and see if we can work to a solution.


As always, thanks for your help in advance.